Moving Into Lent

  • Feb 05, 2016
  • HarperOne

Next week will begin Lent, the 40 days that take us to Easter. It seems to always sneak up and want more of us than we ever gave during Advent. I suppose that makes sense. We are, as you know, walking with Jesus to Jerusalem to see him suffer and die. 

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Dispelling Myths about C. S. Lewis

  • Jan 11, 2016
  • Jerry Root
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C. S. Lewis once wrote an essay titled, The Funeral of a Great Myth, in it he eulogizes the religion of evolutionism. In the same spirit, I have often thought it would be good to bury a host of myths about C. S. Lewis as well.

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A Christmas Meditation from “Letters to Malcolm”

  • Dec 22, 2015
  • Tim Scheiderer

“He is a giver. And He has nothing to give but Himself.”
Twelve words carefully arranged with great intention. In context, Lewis is nowhere near the topic of Christmas. In the philosophical tête-à-tête about prayer, “Letters to Malcolm”, Lewis is speaking about creation and the Creator never doing anything by Himself, but always delegating. His words, however, are also quite applicable during Yuletide.

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My Dear Snubnose…

  • Dec 09, 2015
  • Sarah Arthur

My Dear Snubnose,
I note with great displeasure that the human females are planning to start up their little group again. What can you have been doing during their “holidays”? For many long decades our Department for the Promotion of Frenetic Materialism has slaved away to ensure that the season is more frantic, more anxious, more absurd and depressing than any other time of the human year—anything to distract them from that horrendous mistake called the Incarnation.

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No Namby-Pamby Here

  • Dec 02, 2015
  • Zach Kincaid

Lewis responds to Edward Lofstrom in a January 1959 letter on good books of Christian instruction for children. “I don’t know the answer,” Lewis says. “Most of those I have seen… seem to me namby-pamby and ‘sissie’ and calculated to nauseate any child worth his salt.” He brings up Narnia as a “fantastic form,” asks to be forgiven for any salesmanship, and continues with some advice about Jesus’s appeal. 

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Strange Help from Father Christmas

  • Nov 29, 2015
  • Devin Brown

At the start of Prince Caspian as the four Pevensie children hunt through the dust-covered treasure chamber deep in the ruins of what was once Cair Paravel, Susan finds her bow and arrows magically preserved, but the enchanted horn that will always bring help is nowhere to be seen. Susan concludes that it must have gotten lost as they blundered through the underbrush on their way back through the wardrobe at the end of the previous adventure.

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This World is Not My Home

  • Nov 20, 2015
  • Zach Kincaid

In relation to our want of heaven and abandoning the earthly rewards that we once ran after, Lewis writes that it probably will not happen in a day. Rather, he says, “poetry replaces grammar, gospel replaces law, longing transforms obedience, as gradually as the tide lifts a grounded ship.”

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The Devil and Mr. Lewis

  • Oct 28, 2015
  • Bruce L. Edwards

The September 8, 1947 cover of Time Magazine improbably depicts the demure C. S. Lewis accompanied by a fiercely impish devil poised on his left shoulder, a caricature of his infamous fictional protagonist, Screwtape, AKA, Senior Tempter of Hell.

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